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We offer highly individualized online Turkish classes for all levels. Our experienced teachers customize the lessons according to your needs and goals. After every lesson We also provide our students with class notes and audio recording of what we learned. Whatever your level of Turkish our online classes will help you improve your language skills. Click here to get more information about our online classes!

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Turkish Campus Online Classes

Turkish Campus offers online Turkish lessons for all levels of students from all around the World. Whether you live in New York, Berlin or Istanbul we Are available to teach Turkish wherever the Internet is.

We offer online classes for all levels from Absolute Beginners to Advanced Turkish speakers. Our flexible program allows us to customize any individual lesson To meet your goals and expectations.

In our Beginner program we integrate different aspects of Turkish culture into our curriculum, which enhances the learning of The students. We also support our students by creating audio and written notes, which we email after every lesson to make sure that students can practice between lessons. In our Intermediate and Advanced programs we integrate fun activities into detailed grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and fluency to make sure that the students learn without being bored.

Our online lessons are delivered via skype, which is a free Internet telephone program. All you need to have is a microphone and a headset to talk to your teacher. Our teaching experience and feedback from our students proves that this is not any different than having in-person classes. Moreover, when you start taking classes with us, you can send us your Turkish Questions via e-mail any time. One of our teachers will be answering the questions every day so you don't need to wait to ask a question until your next class. Our online classes are not only as effective as in-person lessons, they are also much more convenient and save time and money. In our lessons you will learn basic expressions, useful words, conversational skills, pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and work on exercises with qualified and experienced native-speaker teachers. It’s just like sitting down together with a teacher in a classroom. Our lessons are highly individualized and customizable depending on the student's needs. Whatever your language level is, our experienced teachers will help you improve your Turkish by providing you with an effective study plan and appropriate instruction. Click here for more information about our online classes

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